What Champion can do for you

  • Monitoring System
  • DMS
  • Management Service
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring

    With efficient and stable monitoring technology at its core, it provides all-day protection for your IT infrastructure. By using a centralized monitoring platform, it achieves real-time monitoring and rapid response to network conditions, enhancing operat

  • Realtime WiFi Quality Monitoring

    A nationwide WiFi quality monitoring system that provides real-time surveillance of the performance and user connection experience at each access point, quickly identifies and locates APs with poor connection quality, offers precise data support to the op

  • Network and Application Quality Monitoring

    Provide you with a comprehensive network quality monitoring solution. Through monitoring points spread across the country, achieve real-time PING and HTTP testing of specified IPs and website addresses. Whether it's from IDC to stores or stores to IDC, it

  • Building dynamically trusted security domains

    By adopting the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture, Antrust separates data and control planes, allowing the network defense boundary to be narrowed down to individual or smaller resource groups. This enables dynamic shrinking of permissions whe

  • Real-time traffic and log big data analysis

    Retention of logs for network traffic information allows for auditing of user internet behavior, gradually forming a working model of big data collection, analysis, and integration. This model serves various network users.

  • Secure, user-friendly, and easily deployable remote management tool

    Meeting the security specifications of customers, the product can remotely log in to network equipment, monitoring equipment, computers, etc., to achieve cross-regional operation and maintenance, convenient and efficient. At the same time, the product als

  • Cross-brand, cross-regional one-stop service.

    A global multi-brand service provider covering IT infrastructure construction solutions, procurement and on-site installation of software and hardware equipment, to later maintenance, offering comprehensive service solutions.

  • Cross-carrier, cross-regional one-stop service.

    The resources of the three major domestic telecom operators, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile, are available for coverage in all regions. Internet service types include DIA (Dedicated Internet Access), ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

  • Global Provision of Standardized Local Engineering Services

    Global certified engineers have exceeded 30,000 registrations, providing extensive coverage worldwide to meet clients' needs in different countries and regions, ensuring smooth project execution. Their broad capabilities enable comprehensive IT services f

  • Intelligent scene creation and energy consumption management

    Through IOT technology, monitoring and intelligent control of lighting, air conditioning, and power panels are achieved, effectively reducing energy consumption, improving energy utilization efficiency, and creating appropriate scenarios.

  • Real-time and comprehensive security response

    Champion Security Operations Center (SOC) aims to protect an organization's information assets from various network threats and security vulnerabilities. The SOC team assists clients in detecting, preventing, and responding to security threats by monitori

  • A one-stop wide area network (WAN) interconnection solution

    Champion SD-WAN Unified Management Service aims to provide customers with comprehensive wide-area network (WAN) interconnect solutions to address the growing network demands and increasingly complex network environments.

  • High-speed, high-security WiFi service

    Champion Wi-Fi unified management service provides customers with premium wireless network solutions. We aim to deliver high-speed, highly secure, and scalable wireless networks for our clients.

What scenarios does Champion provide?

  • Data Center

    Data Center

    Deploying the SmartVision platform on virtual machines for intelligent, visualized operations management in data centers.

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  • Corporate Groups

    Corporate Groups

    Champion's platform and services streamline monitoring, security, and operations for large enterprises, achieving unified smart operations.

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  • Multi-Branch


    Offers advanced operations management and optimization solutions for chain restaurants, retail, and financial sectors, enhancing intelligent environmental monitoring and energy management.

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How our customers use it



Combining network performance, security, business continuity, and compliance, this solution enhances network stability, security, and management efficiency to ensure sustainable business operations.

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Sports brand

Sports brand

Offers data center infrastructure operations services, including device monitoring, network management, OS management, backup, and security, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

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Conducts on-site network surveys at over 40 factories to assess connectivity and outputs network architecture topologies. Develops tailored solutions, overseeing survey, design, equipment procurement, and post-delivery technical training.

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Provide 24/7 NOC support, on-site fault resolution, daily change plan review and on-site support, quarterly inspections, and operation management services to ensure stable system operation and reduce enterprise maintenance costs.

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Investment Bank

Investment Bank

Network architecture transformation, hardware and software provision, 24/7 monitoring, real-time fault handling and alerts, office network resource monitoring for optimal utilization.

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Jewelry industry

Jewelry industry

Offer nationwide store SD-WAN equipment installation, configuration, business transition, and SD-WAN network maintenance services. Completed SD-WAN transformation for over 5000 stores in 4 months.

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