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Champion's platform and services streamline monitoring, security, and operations for large enterprises, achieving unified smart operations.

Scenario Challenges

  • The difficulty of integrating multiple platforms.

    Platform Compatibility and Standardization

    In enterprise network environments, there are various IT devices from different brands, models, and periods. IT maintenance personnel often use management platforms provided by the original manufacturers to manage and operate these devices. This results in the need to frequently switch between different platforms to understand the operational status of IT equipment, making it challenging to achieve efficient operations and maintenance .

    Ntegration and Synchronization

    ntegration and Synchronization

    Data IResource Allocation and Team Collaboration

    Operations across multiple platforms require specialized teams and adequate resource support. Fragmented data islands and non-closed-loop business processes prevent the optimal and rational allocation of enterprise IT resources and the optimization of operations processes. Ensuring effective communication and collaboration among teams through a unified platform is crucial to ensuring the success of operations .
  • Traditional Operations and Maintenance Management Model

    Insufficient Monitoring and Alerting

    In the traditional operations and maintenance management model, there is a reactive approach to handling issues, often characterized by a ""firefighting"" mentality. Teams are busy dealing with sudden problems and failures, but lack proactive planning and preventive measures.

    Lack of Standardization and Automation

    Traditional operations heavily rely on individual experience, leading to a lack of standardization and automation. This reliance on human expertise can result in lower efficiency, especially as technology evolves rapidly and systems undergo upgrades. The ability to adapt to changes may be limited.

    Uneven Resource Allocation and Optimization

    Under the traditional maintenance model, some resources may remain idle while others are overstretched. This imbalance not only wastes enterprise resources but also affects operational efficiency and service quality.
  • The network is vast and intricate in scale.

    Lack of visualization tools

    In the enterprise network, there are numerous network devices, servers, virtualization, databases, applications, and other devices coexisting and interconnected, with diverse and complex connectivity. Enterprises lack a multi-level visualization platform covering all enterprise network devices to achieve real-time monitoring of network operations.

    Wide geographical distribution

    With the expansion of enterprises globally, the network coverage extends across vast regions, making cross-regional management and maintenance complex and challenging. Enterprises manage and upgrade IT systems through zoning and different suppliers, lacking a unified management platform for control, quality assessment, and unified monitoring.

    Continuous network architecture upgrades

    With business growth and technological advancements, the existing network architecture may no longer meet the requirements, necessitating large-scale upgrades and transformations. The complexity of systems increases exponentially, with new demands for system continuity and security, leading to a significant increase in the difficulty of operations and maintenance.

Scenario Panorama

Integrated Monitoring and Operations Solution for Large-scale Enterprises

With the rapid advancement of cloud computing, big data, and AI, the IT infrastructure of large corporations is becoming more diverse, complex, and specialized. This increases the demand for integrated resource capabilities and efficient management to cope with expanding scale and diverse business needs. IT information construction aims to achieve this by establishing a unified platform for internal collaboration and resource optimization, driving enterprise development.

Integrated Monitoring and Operations Solution for Large-scale Enterprises

The value of the solution

    • Multi-level architecture integrated monitoring: Present the overall network operation status in a one-stop manner according to regions and levels, empowering IT operations personnel to understand the overall network status, quickly perceive the operation status of the entire network, including links, devices, servers, etc.

    • Real-time fault warning: Collect status information of all interconnected devices in the network of large-scale enterprise, such as switches, routers, access devices, wireless ACs, APs, cameras, operating systems, applications, databases, virtualization, middleware, cloud, storage, etc. Set up alarm mechanism and thresholds to instantly obtain accurate alarm information, quickly locate alarm devices, improve alarm handling efficiency, and reduce losses caused by device failures.

    • Visualized process management: Equipment and operation process management, cross-regional and cross-departmental business process closed-loop.

    • Customized monitoring indicators according to scenario requirements to meet enterprise's personalized and regional differentiation needs.

    • Full-stack IT operation big data aggregation, graphical and chart-based presentation, easily grasp the overall situation.

    • End-to-end integrated operation monitoring and management, establishing a proactive operation mode instead of passive.

    • Unified monitoring and management of networks across regions and operators, consolidating the quality of network resources, billing periods, and expiration times of multiple operator lines for unified management.


    • Cross-regional automatic inspection: Daily routine inspections, as well as inspections before holidays and important events, can be automated.


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