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Deploying the SmartVision platform on virtual machines for intelligent, visualized operations management in data centers.

Scenario Challenges

  • The equipment in data centers is complex and diverse.

    Cross-vendor compatibility

    Data centers typically integrate numerous devices, making it difficult to seamlessly coordinate management, operating systems, and interfaces to facilitate data exchange and resource sharing.

    Unified monitoring and management

    Unified monitoring and management

    Lifecycle management of multiple devices

    Different devices may have varying lifecycles. Establishing efficient monitoring of device operations and efficiency, as well as devising update and replacement plans, is crucial for ensuring business continuity.
  • The level of automation in operations is low.

    Traditional operational modes

    Traditional operational modes are becoming increasingly inefficient, error-prone, and difficult to standardize. Moreover, with the growing complexity of operational technology stacks, relying solely on manual operations is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of scalable and heterogeneous operations.

    Segmented automation in operations exacerbates the problem

    Segmented automation in operations exacerbates the problem

    Unreasonable resource allocation

    Additionally, the lack of automated resource management and optimization tools can result in suboptimal resource allocation, impacting system performance and stability.
  • End-to-end integrated operations and maintenance

    End-to-end monitoring

    As enterprise operations evolve towards multi-cloud, multi-platform, and multi-business systems, there is a need for a unified IT architecture that enables comprehensive monitoring, alerting, analysis, and reporting across various components such as self-built systems, public cloud services, operator networks, and end-user devices.

    IT operation tracing and auditing

    For IT operations, it's crucial to have traceability and auditing capabilities to ensure compliance and security. However, the lack of effective monitoring and auditing tools, as well as incomplete operation records, can make it challenging to trace and audit operations, increasing system risks.

    IT asset and account management

    Effective management of IT assets and accounts is essential for IT operations. However, the absence of unified management standards and processes, as well as unclear account permissions, across different operation interfaces handled by various departments, can lead to risks such as misuse or leakage of accounts, posing threats to system security.

Scenario Panorama

Data Center Visualized Operations (DCVO)

The Data Center Visualization (DCV) solution provided by the DMS Global Smart Operations Management Platform offers effective management tools for network operations in data centers, including visualization of network equipment, visualization of host devices, and fault management. This platform ensures intelligent operations and management for enterprise data centers, thereby safeguarding the reliability and security of the overall architecture.

Data Center Visualized Operations (DCVO)

The value of the solution

    • Provide a one-stop service portal with unified application permissions, a unified alarm platform, and unified process recording.
    • In multi-data center scenarios, achieve unified topology display, and categorize layouts based on regions and hierarchies to help IT operations personnel understand the network architecture and nationwide (or global) operations in real-time.
    • 601

    • End-to-end visualization of the entire network chain, from branches to data center network devices, with comprehensive monitoring, alarming, analysis, and statistical capabilities. Combining professional traffic monitoring and auditing to form a complete summary of enterprise IT infrastructure data. Even business operations across departments can be unified on a single platform with different account permissions for streamlined operations.
    • 602

    • Real-time collection, cleansing, analysis, and correlation of information related to data center network devices, servers, databases, and network connection quality using intelligent methods. These data are then assigned to designated personnel for handling through various means.

    • Simplified custom alert parameter settings for easier operation, and more intuitive network topology display modes to help IT personnel quickly locate network fault nodes within the entire network architecture.

    • Alarm differentiation into warning and severe warning categories, enabling network and device faults to be identified before they occur, allowing for "pre-operational maintenance" and "pre-repair" actions based on experienced IT personnel's insights preserved through alert algorithms.
    • 603

    • Full-coverage automated inspection capabilities that can replace over 90% of manual inspections. Establish unified inspection standards, methods, and cycles, ensuring standardized inspections, consistent inspection scope, depth, procedures, and data collection methods through the DMS platform. Output unified inspection reports to free up personnel resources.
    • 807

    • Secure remote desktop capabilities enable senior IT engineers to manage more projects effortlessly without the need for physical presence, thus enhancing remote operations capabilities.

    • Convenient installation, deploy virtual machines within the data center's intranet, install in a LINUX environment, and be ready to use out of the box.

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