Multi-Branch Intelligent Operations Solution


Offers advanced operations management and optimization solutions for chain restaurants, retail, and financial sectors, enhancing intelligent environmental monitoring and energy management.

Scenario Challenges

  • Cross-regional IT resource management

    Maintaining distributed network architecture

    Chain stores are typically distributed across different regions, testing the IT operations team's ability to have strong network planning and management capabilities.

    Remote equipment maintenance and updates

    How to ensure that these devices receive timely and effective maintenance and updates?

    Communication and collaboration challenges

    Dispersed stores lead to complex communication and collaboration between teams. How to ensure accurate information transmission?
  • Business continuity assurance

    Rapid response to failures

    Once a store experiences a failure, IT operations personnel need to respond quickly and resolve the issue to ensure normal store operations.

    Preventive maintenance

    By conducting regular inspections and preventive maintenance, the occurrence of failures can be reduced. This requires operational personnel to have forward-thinking and planning capabilities.

    Disaster recovery planning

    Develop and implement disaster recovery plans to cope with potential serious failures or natural disasters, ensuring smooth business recovery.
  • IT cost control and optimization

    Cost control strategies

    With the increase in the number of stores, IT costs will also rise accordingly. The IT operations team needs to develop effective cost control strategies, such as how to achieve reasonable planning of cost and quality through tools?

    Challenge of resource optimization

    To improve the efficiency of IT resource utilization, the IT operations team needs to rationally configure and optimize IT resources in stores.

    To improve the efficiency of IT resource utilization, the IT operations team needs to rationally configure and optimize IT resources in stores.

    With the continuous development of technology, new IT solutions and tools emerge constantly. Without integrated management, new information and data silos will emerge, increasing the difficulty of business collaboration.

Scenario Panorama

Intelligent operation and maintenance from data center to branch points

Designed for chain enterprises, this solution leverages automation for system monitoring, management, and recovery to enhance operational efficiency and ensure stable operations. The DMS SmartVision platform offers centralized control and real-time analytics across outlets, while ITOMlite monitors system health, issuing automatic alerts for prompt issue resolution. Includes a proactive inspection mechanism for continuous and stable operations。

Intelligent operation and maintenance from data center to branch points

The value of the solution

    • Unified Management: The platform enables centralized monitoring and management of all stores, making management more convenient and efficient.
    • 801


    • Improved Operational Efficiency: Monitoring device status, automatic alerts, and fault troubleshooting can significantly shorten fault recovery time.
    • 803

    • Preventive Maintenance: Early warnings and severe warnings help identify potential issues with devices during operation, allowing for the resolution of vulnerabilities before faults occur.
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    • Enhanced Security: Strict permission management and data encryption measures ensure the security of store data.
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    •  Optimized Resource Allocation: Through centralized data collection and analysis, an intelligent operation and maintenance platform can optimize resource allocation. Maintenance personnel configuration can be adjusted based on the equipment and network operation status of each store, maximizing resource utilization.

    • Operational Transparency: Providing a transparent operational view allows all relevant stakeholders, including store managers and headquarters operations teams, to understand the real-time status of store equipment, maintenance progress, and potential issues. This transparency fosters trust and enhances communication and collaboration.
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    • Support for Remote Operations: Leveraging secure remote desktop capabilities, the operations team can provide remote support for store operations. Regardless of the store's location, as long as the equipment is connected to the platform, the operations team can conduct remote monitoring, diagnosis, and troubleshooting, significantly reducing the need for on-site maintenance.
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    • Scalability Support: The DMS platform is designed with openness in mind, supporting integration with existing enterprise platforms or new device platforms. This ensures easy adaptation to future growth scenarios.

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